Hummingbird Feeding on Recycled Death

$ 95.00 USD

Mixed Media Abstract Wall Sculpture/Collage. Artwork created using the unique technique perfected by artist and poet Anthony Paul Tennis.

These intriguing works of art must be viewed live either via Anthony's new temporary home gallery or at the residence of owners of his artwork to truly acquire the ability to even begin to comprehend their full potential!

Jumbled Bliss

$ 550.00 USD

Multimedia Multidimensional Abstract Wall Sculpture/Collage

Artwork produced using the unique technique created by Artist and Poet Anthony Paul Tennis.

Dissolving Man

$ 175.85 USD

Multimedia Abstract

Wall Sculpture/Collage 

By: Artist And Poet Anthony Tennis

All Seeing Jesus

$ 169.89 USD

Multimedia Abstract Wall Sculpture/ Collage

By: Artist and Poet

Anthony Paul Tennis

Creative Commons License
Dissolving Man Artwork, Images, Video, and Text by Anthony Paul Tennis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Wall Sculpture/Collage Pieces 

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 Anthony creates his amazing abstract visions on literally ANY surface. He does standard canvas work as well. I am currently working on putting canvas pieces in a separate gallery. Anthony uses many materials to not only reduce waste but to enhance a creations possibilities too. Custom work on virtually any item or surface will be considered. Contact the artist at 920-266-8076 with requests.

Mystical Dragon

$ 2700.59 USD

Multimedia Abstract Wall Sculpture

Item Is Heavy as it was Created Using Ceramic Tiles Covered in Multiple Layers of Thick Ink.Can be Safely Hung on Wall Though as Seen in the Photo Above.

Large Wall Hanging: Approximately 58"X32"

This Artwork Illuminates with Vibrant Color and Explodes with Unimaginable Dimension and Luminescents when Displayed Under a Black Light. Live Viewing is Available in Anthony's Temporary Home Gallery with Appointment. See Contact Page on Website for More Information.

 Mystical Dragon

Large Abstract Artwork for sale

Natural Light Photograph of Art Piece

 Black Light Photograph of Art Piece