The Electric Rainbow Brainwaves         
Of a Blue-Collard Psychotic
Man; Sleepless Imaginary Voices
In The Mind Of 

By: A.P. Tennis


In my 34 years of existence I’ve come to know a few things of life and the world around me. Maybe you share these views, maybe you do not. My book is simply to show some of the inner workings of a blue collar welder living in a world of greed and hate. The mindless droning of life as I experience.

The thoughts of my two beautiful daughters and my wonderful wife keep me going as I feel the need to protect them from what has become every aspect of life. I feel depression of the world, my country, family, and self, in these a time of confusion and distress. All of which I try to express to you in my book.

Maybe things will turn around, maybe it does not somehow we need to truck on, move forward and in the face of human non-exsistence, forget our woes and create the future we know our children deserve.

Due to recent arrogant gross misinterpretation  of the artist's poetic words stated as fact by individuals, whom possess no artistic understanding, with intent to project self-serving  judgments upon his character...Further explanation will follow. The poems originally posted to this website were written during a specific era of economic and personal turmoil. Poems using "Demon" Imagery ARE NOT literal. The imagery is used to project tangible expression of the battles our family was facing with reprehensible employers, economic destruction, banks, big money, and toxic family at that point. We will be posting works from other eras of his life to show various emotions felt during different events surrounding his linguistic expression of life. This is after all the point of POETERY!!

A.P. Tennis

 Lavender Deathblow (2008-2010)

 Willows so softly blowing

               Snow covered meadows rolling

 Rivers of love, connected winds calling

               Mass rush, curtains falling

 Virgins melt in the distance

              Necks snap in a deathblow instance.

Immediate encrochment of disease

             collecting immortal deathly fees

Bobbing bodies, floating heads

             Regurgitated brains in a sea of red.

Driving Lavender to a cage

             Flushing his mind with Satan's rage.

 Fair Game 


You leave me no choice but to maim.

   Everything you love is fair game.

When I see your face I hear a thud.

   Mashing your face in the mud.

 Scraping remains on hot concrete.

   Tying my rope to your feet.

 Speed away dragging you behind,

   Bloody trail for the cops to find.

 Begging for mercy, crying in fear.

   I stomp on your head, and call you a queer.

 And when your breathing stops,

   I hear the cops.

 Lucky I dug this hole,

   To hide your hideous soul.

 I got away with my crime,

   If its a crime to bury slime.

Unborn Fear (2002)

My Lord help us in our time of need

    Help us  grow our seed

Take us in your hands that shield

    as our family grows and we build

lift our hearts divine

    let the soul of our child shine

Valentine (2001)

A tear gently falls from my cheek

    Nothing is right, all is bleak

In that tear reflection I see

    reflections of light, the light in me

One more blink, life comes back

   It was you in my life that I lacked

The tears are gone, and your remain

    Keeping me happy, keeping me sane

With every day, my live for you grows

    with every kiss, my emotion flows

You hold the key to my heart

    When you unlocked it, that's when life starts

In your womb, grows my child

    Bringing with it, a million smiles

Together forever no matter how tough

    Inside every part of my being, rough

On this valentines, know only this

   I love you Angela, now more than ever

 Entombed In Body (2008/2009)

 Entombed alive shrieking hell,

     I hear nothing but an old church bell.

 How long will I survive?

    How long can I stay alive?

The air is filling with terrible sounds.

   Like demons shrieking, or barking hell-hounds.

 Feeling no pain below my chest

    Where are my men? Where are the rest?

My eyes have darkend to see no light.

   Realizing now, I've lost the fight.

 Gasping my last two breathes,

    Thank God for release of death

The Devil's Agent Lives

 Among Us(2010)

 Lesser men are devoured

      By the Demons who now cower

Hiding in cave like scared little women.

     To not stand and fight their ultimate sin.

They walk among us in fear

     Looking behind them thru rearview mirrors.

 Lost evil souls of shame

         Amongst the free, passing the blame.

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