Abstract Saw Blade Gallery

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 All available abstract saw blades are roughly 12" in diameter. Costs vary widely based on amount of materials, time spent, dimension complexity etc... Abstract saw blades can be hung or mounted on decorative plate holder for table or shelf placement. These dynamic works of art are best displayed accented by black light to achieve full complexity. 

 Scream Tree

Cost $300.00

abstract painted saw blade for sale

Weed Are Ready

Cost $80.00

abstract painted saw blade for sale


Cost: $95.00abstract painted saw blade for sale


Cost $30.00

Anthony's dynamic art changes in appearance in different lighting environments. Both photographs above are of the same piece.   

Independent Artist and Poet Anthony Paul Tennis's unique artistic technique results in a collision of highly reflective dynamic dimensions that explode into endless layers of complexity changing dramatically with even the slightest variation in viewing angle.

Anthony's talent of combining perfectly harmonious fusion and fluidity creates must see artwork that will demand conversation as the power of his illusions using often basic texture and pigment provokes a debate between rational thought and alternative realities .

Wasted Starfish

Cost $75.00 

Original abstract saw blade for sale

 Whirlgig Funtasm


abstract painted saw blade sold

 Envisioning Prey

Cost: $125.00

original abstract painted saw blade for sale

 Shooting out of space

 Back into reality

 Trying not to race 

Looking for inspiratory

 Lifting from the fall

 Facing my fear 

Trying to stand tall 

Wiping away the tear 

~Anthony Paul Tennis

 Collage of Abstract Saw Blades

original abstract saw blades for sale collage

original abstract saw blades for sale collage

Natural Light View and Black Light View Comparisson

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