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Artwork by A.P. Tennis Independent American Abstract Artist and Poet The Artist spent years creating the art and poetry now on display His art is a Unique Technique perfected over many years which Produces visually stunningly vivid 3-D Luminescent Designs Most of his artwork demonstrate their full movement of energy in black light Yet natural light further elicits divergent dimension intensifying the intrigue of the creation 


Sold Abstract Canvas Painting

  Abstract Canvas Painting

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Master Dragon Sculpture

sculpture for sale by original artist Natural Light View of Head of Sculpture original art for saleBlack Light View of Master Dragon 

Abstract Saw Blade for Sale Envisioning Prey

Envisioning Prey

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About My Artwork 

I recreate the dead and bring color to the darkness. I ask you to immerse yourself in my shower of psychotropic fantasies portrayed on whatever the fuck I want to paint on. Peer through the bodies I sculpt, into the souls of those bones, finding a world you would have never known.

~ A.P. Tennis

Artist and Poet of Dissolving Man Online Art Studio

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Sorrow The Morrow

Today is the day Is it and weep.

The night before I had no Sleep.

Too long a day my mind is racing.

Meantime knowing the morrow I'm facing

A week I suppose the longest I've gone

To stay any longer is frightening and wrong.

The voices are first, they are in my mind.

Then I know, lay down, It's time. 

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Prints, sculptures, wall art, custom designs considered upon request etc...

Majority of art is blacklight reactive and comes alive with use of 3-D glasses.

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Black hole Phantom 

original artwork for sale Woven Dragon Head 
Abstract Painted Skull For Sale

 Original Artwork by A.P. Tennis.

This original abstract painted sculpture is as full cattle skull encased in layers of black light reactive ink adding incredible dimension. The eyebrows, eyes, horns, and fiery crown are made of metal dripped with green ink. This is a blacklight view of the artpiece. It's an entirely different piece in natural light.